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Track 1 - Rush 2049 - Solo

From Kent / Design 101


Start the race by moving to the right side of the road, then powerslide to your left in second gear to reach the small side road just before the lake. Feather the gas if necessary. Drive on the left side of the road and hit abort at the end of the grass embankment that meets the buildings on the left. You should reappear just before the checkpoint sign. Drive through the three glass doors on your right just after the first checkpoint. Jump off the plateau and land on the left side of the main road. Start powersliding to your right after the second checkpoint. Begin your powerslide when the left barrier of the road changes color to a checkered pattern. Cut close to the sidewalk and continue powersliding into the subway shortcut. It's the one with two or three detour signs. Enter the shortcut tunnel straight, as close to the left wall as possible. Gently turn to your right just before dropping down before the subway track. (You will then see two sub-shortcuts inside: one with the subway track and one that inclines to a green garage.) Take the sub-shortcut on the left. Cut close to the divider and drive upwards at 150 or better. Stay on your left side of the wall as you exit the tunnel and jump up to the suspended bridge. The bridge should curve to your right and leads to the hidden loop. Drive on the bridge no less than 140. Try not to hit the walls. If you drop below 140, shift to third. The bridge leads to a small tunnel which connects to a loop. DO NOT take the loop. As you enter the tunnel before the loop, you will see light and dark blue squares on the ground. Press ABORT when you reach the third dark blue square in the tunnel. You will reappear just after the fourth checkpoint with an optimal time of 35:00 or less. Accelerate starting in second gear, and hug the left side of the road as you cross the lap checkpoint at 196 or better. You should have a checkpoint time of 47:00 or better.

To the left of the main road, just before the road curves left, there is a tunnel shortcut with a banked left turn. Enter the shortcut and powerslide to your left, trying not to hit the walls. Leave the shortcut using the concrete burm at 160 or better. You should reach the first checkpoint at 175 or better with a checkpoint time of about 09:30. Drive straight and jump to the second checkpoint on the left side of the road. Finish the rest of the lap using the same powerslide into the subway tunnel shorcut. Your fourth checkpoint time should be about 33:00 or better. Your laptime should be 45:00 or better.

The third and final lap involves repeating everything in lap 2. If you do it all right, you should at least be running a total time of 2:20:00 or better. Experienced players should hit below 2:18:00.

If you are inexperienced on this track, try using the advanced car a little. Then move to extreme. Be familiar with all the shortcuts as the revision will probably delete the abort trick. Try not to hit any walls, and try to monitor your checkpoint times. Try and learn how to powerslide. Turning the wheel too much causes you to lose speed and control.