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Track 2 - Rush 2049 - Solo

From Kent / Design 101


Start the race accelerating to your right. Cut close to the end of the buildings, turning to the right just enough to miss the start of the grass marker, just before the white sign. Continue accelerating on the right side of the road. Cut in without skidding as the road curves left. Then make a hard right, staying on the pavement, as the road curves right. Cut as close as you can to the edge of the road halfway through your turn. You will then see a concrete barrier on your left. Make a hard left and drive past the concrete barrier as close as possible into the grass. Try not to turn the wheel too much in the grass, as you will tiptoe down the embankment to the dirt road. (the dirt road shortcut is to the left of the main road after the first checkpoint.) Angle your car so you enter the dirt road shortcut straight on. You should run no lower than 4th gear the entire time. If necessary, downshift to third as you enter the dirt road. Accelerate through the shortcut, staying on the right side of the road. As you pass the second checkpoint, prepare to cut left. Try to cut across the shorcut road just before the start of the second dirt path curve. Try not to skid as you run across the inside of the dirt curve at 190 or better. Leave the shorcut as straight as possible and accelerate in a straight path through the arch. (Aim close to the pillar of the arch on your right, then cut close to the wall barrier on your left) Gently ease the wheel left as you pass the arch, trying not to slip below 185. As you near the third checkpoint, the road will curve right. Cut to the inside of the curve, skidding slightly, and straighten out so you are eventually in the second lane from the left. As the road continues to curve left, cut left evenly between the pillars that lead to the two-tier jump. Also cut as close as you can to the building on your left and aim youself towards the left cone at the end of the pavement. You'll have to practice a little to find the best angle to leave the jump, but you should enter the air at about 177-180. Try not to turn the wheel too sharp. Keeping your car straight in the air will save alot of speed. Land on the white pillar as close to the left side as possible, and drive in a straight path off the pillar at 180-185 ( There is a sweet spot on the right end of the pillar that will cause you car to angle downward, but it's hard to get. It saves a little time.) The whole jump should be done in a straight line for the best time. Then accelerate in the third lane from the left. Ease into the left curve as close to the wall as possible, and accelerate to the third checkpoint. Do no drop below 175 during the turn. To the right of the checkpoint is a small ramp. As you leave the turn, aim towards the ramp at 185 or better. Cut close to the left wall as you enter the ramp, and travel to the right side of the road. You will then jump to your right, just missing the wall on your right side. Again, this is all done in a straight line as much as possible. Keep your car angled straight in the air. Drive up the white road to the parking garage at about 180 or so. Jump into the structure slightly to the right. Try to angle your car in the air to the right so it is parallel with the wall. You should land in the structure about 3/4 of the way to your right. There should be a car-width of space between you and the wall. Immediately cut to your left and leave the structure between the end of the paved dark gray road and the pillar. (It's the third pillar before the end, I think.) You should land in the grass just to the right of the green hill. If you land right, you should just skip over the left corner of the next grass barrier before the lava lamp. Cut between the lava lamp and the buildings. You should try and cut as close to the buildings as possible so you won't hit the wall on your right, before the lap marker. Pass the lap marker at 180 or better. Your laptime should be around 1:07:00. After a little practice, you can lower it to 1:06:50.

Lap 2
On lap two, you should cut close to the buildings again, but this time use the concrete divider to cross the grass, just to the right of the white sign. Cross over the main road and enter the shortcut that travels to the right. Use the trees on either side of the shorcut entrance as your guide. Stay to your right. Cut hard to your left as the shorcut angles to the left. As you cut over, your left side of the car should skip over the left corner of the grass. Again, use the trees to antcipate your turn. Drive to the ramp at 182 or better. Jump over the main road, and drive to the second ramp. Jump straight, just missing the concrete barrier on your left, and land just to the right of the second concrete wall. Drive straight to the third ramp and jump across the first checkpoint at about 13:10. Land as close to the yellow-black wall as possible, and drive close on the inside of the dirt road shortcut. Straighten out so you miss the small grass patch on your left and continue along the shortcut, topping out at 198. Hit the fourth checkpoint at around 49:50. Complete the rest of the lap. You should have a laptime of about 1:02:50

The third lap is exactly the same as the second. If you do it right, you should average 3:12 for the entire race.

The key to this track is clean driving and no skidding. A 5 m.p.h. difference can drop you from 3:12 to 3:15 easily. Avoid all grass barriers when possible.