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Track 3 - Rush 2049 - Solo

From Kent / Design 101


Lap 1 - Start the race by turning right and driving through the columns to strawberry hill. As you start your jump, look to the bottom of the screen and wait for the top of the hill to disappear below you. Then hit abort. If you do it right, you should reappear just before the right curve shortcut. The farther right you are on the jump the better the abort. Accelerate on the curve and hug close to the buildings as you approach the main road. Jump at an angle back onto the main road just to the left of the green divider. Accelerate past 180 and cross the first checkpoint at 17:60 or better. Jump through the first checkpoint and land to the right of the green divider. To your right, there is a shortcut entrance that leads to a blue striped bank curve just past the overhead crosswalk. Jump into the shortcut and land as close to the left wall as possible. Keep accelerating and leave the shortcut with your two right tires touching the ground. Drive between the two pillars and stay within the two right lanes as you turn right. Cut close to the wall in the right curve and then powerslide to your left to the detour shortcut. Cross the second checkpoint during your powerslide and cut very close to the wall as well. Accelerate up the incline and jump across the main road at 175. Stay to the right as you continue to up the road. There will be a dark burm on your right. For consistency, you should jump off the burm aiming just to the left of the large pine tree. Also, use the radar dish as a guide. Land back on the main road and accelerate to the third checkpoint at 190 with a time of 49:00. Jump over the slope and land on the left side of the main road. Powerslide right and ease into the third lane from the right. Stay on the main road and begin your series of jumps at about 183. Jump to the left side of the road. This will give you a fast, straight line down to the finish line for the final stretch. On the last jump before the finish line, aim for the column on the right side of the road. Jump from the left side of the road towards the column. Keep accelerating through the column opening as you complete your lap of 1:05:90 or better.

Lap 2 - On Lap 2, use strawberry hill again. Do not abort this time. Use the green and brown borderline on the left side of the hill as a guide to keep your car straight. Do not use the clutch for the jump. You should land just before the right shortcut in front of the dark sign post. Again, cut close to the right edge while keeping your speed up. Complete lap 2 the same way as lap 1. Your 1st checkpoint time should be 14:10 at 186. Checkpoint 3 should be 45:00 at 190. Lap 2 should be 1:02:30 at 196.

Lap 3 - Lap 3 is done the same as lap 2 up to the second checkpoint. Take the detour shortcut up to the main road, staying on the right side. Cut left and jump over the main road to the green hill that leads to the three radio towers. Jump and land between the two trees in 2nd and drive to the spine of the hill. The spine is directly in front of you as you land and angles up to the third radio tower located furthest away from you. Use the third tower/antenna as a guide to lead you up the spine. Drive up the spine in 1st gear, jump in the air towards the tower/antenna furthest away from you, and land inside the shortcut pit between the towers. You should land on all fours with the road ahead of you. Accelerate through the pit shortcut using caution around the fans. The best way to approach the fans is in the middle of the road. Try to anticipate which blade will be crossing your path so you can either steer left or right. You should reach a top speed of 201 in the pit with a total lap time of 1:01:00. Your average racetime should hit around 3:11:00. Good races can hit below 3:09:00.