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Track 4 - Rush 2049 - Solo

From Kent / Design 101


Start the race by taking the corkscrew. Stay as close to the left edge as possible during the loop. Shift to 4th gear at the apex of the corkscrew. Return to the main road and ride on the yellow meridian in the middle of the road. Take the main road and slowly ease into the inside left wall to keep your speed and control. Leave the middle of the road at 180. Jump down to the concrete ledge, keeping your wheel straight, and jump again down to the road. Ease into the left side of the road as you approach the checkpoint around 23:75. Approach the bridge and powerslide towards the first lane from the right. Keep your car at 175 or better. Slowly straighten out and head for the left side of the road. Keep to the left side and hit ABORT when you can see the "H" in the CHECKPOINT sign. (Remember - keep as close to the left side as possible.) Turn the wheel all the way to the right and bounce off the wall, crossing the checkpoint. Head to the right side of the road. Hit ABORT again when you reach the beginning of the wall where the bridge starts/ends, depending on your perspective. You should return to the road by the Alcatraz prison. Accelerate past the checkpoint and powerslide to the left side of the road. You should reach about 208 during your turn. Keep your car at 199 or better as you straighten out to the middle of the road. Take the last turn before the checkpoint towards the inside and again return to the middle of the road. Cross the lap checkpoint and make a left to the corkscrew on the left side. Your laptime should be 1:04:80.

Lap 2
Lap 2 is done exactly the same as lap 1. Remember jump straight and keep your speed up. Checkpoint times are 20:10 on the 1st checkpoint before the bridge curve, vary on the 2nd because of the U-turn, 52:00 on the 3rd, and finally 1:01:00 on the lap checkpoint.

Lap 3
The third lap is the same as lap 2.

The more you turn your wheel, the more you lose speed. Learn to glide into your turns to keep your speed up. The abort cheat is crucial for low times. When you abort, you should be placed just before the checkpoint. As you turn around, you should barely cross the checpoint to maximize your time. Learn to shift just right. Normal shifting is done when your rev speed hits the first red bar. If your wheels are spinning during the turnaround, try shifting at the 2nd or 3rd red bar in first gear only.